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Dmitry Blagorodov

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Let's get acquainted! My name is Dmitry. I am a concept artist with an architectural education from Rostov-on-Don. Like many creative guys, I am involved in drawing from my early childhood. When i was in elementary school I used to watch “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” animated series. At that time I realized that I wanted to create concepts of characters, vehicles and environments for the cinema / games / animation. In the absence of such a school in the post-Soviet space, I, like a part of my family, graduated from an architectural academy, got fundamental knowledge of composition, volume and color. With the advent of the 10s, I have strengthened my goal, getting to the internet, tutorials and some “making-of” materials. A while ago I added Photobashing, 3D and VR to my pipeline. I have an experience in "in-house" work and freelancing. And now i'm ready for the new "adventures"!

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As a creative person, I never stand still, never dwell on a certain sphere, I try to cultivate different abilities. All that I can do I do scrupulously, with delight and full dedication.

1. Character Design

2. Creature Design

3. Prop Design

4. Environment Design

5. Key Frames

6. Illustration


Like any job, creative work consists of several stages.

Most often, I divide it into 5 stages. It all starts with a flash idea. Continues with sketching, quick sketches, in order not to miss the very first thought. Then goes the coordination with the client, the correction, the definition of work vector and style. After follows the very design, specification and "polishing". At finish you get made product for printing, editing or simple admiring in your room.

1. Idea
2. Sketch
3. Feedback
4. Design
5. Final Product

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Do you have any ideas? Let's implement! You have needs but have no idea? Let's invent!

Dmitry Blagorodov


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