My name is Dmitry, and I'm an experienced concept artist who has worked in the animation, gaming, and film industries. I started off as a graffiti artist, and later on, I pursued a career as an illustrator and graphic designer. Thanks to my education in art and architecture, I've been able to develop my skills and make progress in my field.

I began my career as a concept artist and gained valuable experience by working at major studios like Bazelevs, Parovoz, and CGF. Since then, I have collaborated on various film projects, including those with WWFX, and have continued to hone my skills as a concept artist. I have expertise in working both in-studio and remotely. I've also attended personal courses with Jama Jurabaev.

Currently, I'm working on a big AAA game project "Star Atlas" with Jonathan Berube and some other cool professionals. And you can always find me on the links below:
let's rock!